Workers Comp

The team includes a staff of statistical, claims, and loss control professionals. They work together to analyze your losses, manage your existing claims, and help you develop risk management plans to reduce future claims.

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always working for you

Nosing around in your business is our business. We are always searching for new ways to improve your insurance program. Whether it’s providing you with another set of eyes and ears when dealing with claims, keeping you safe by reducing your exposures, or making sense of your workers' comp, our elite services provide the cutting edge you need today.

controlling cost

Insurance hard costs (i.e. premium taxes, cost of collateral) are determined based on past claims. Controlling these costs depends on controlling claims. Our team will assist you in understanding how various claims factors impact your bottom line, and give you valuable data and solutions to help you better manage your insurance costs.

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Workers Comp Claims Consulting

The claims consulting team is staffed with experienced, licensed consultants who work as another set of eyes and ears. The claims consulting team closely monitors claims activity, mitigates the impact of large losses, and communicates with insurance companies’ adjusters to ensure claims are closed in a timely basis and reserves reflect the true value of the claim. 

They will review your loss history and make recommendations to improve your program.

Our Claims control team also offers services in Client Advocating, Carrier/Insured Liaison, claims reviews and audits, and Claims Status Reporting.


Loss Control Consulting

The loss control team is a safety consulting team driven by results. They provide expert evaluations, technical expertise, and effective loss prevention services to promote continuous improvement in safety and regulatory compliance.

We offer a variety of value added services including Safety Programs, Drug-Free Workplace, Machinery Training, Fleet Safety Programs, Mock OSHA Review, Management Training and Risk Management Assessments.

We also offer a variety of educations seminars, webinars and online tools to support your risk management program.