Preventing Abuse Within Your Organization

Nothing can be more devastating to an organization than an incident or allegation of abuse to a child or patient. Are you doing everything you can to prevent abuse within your organization? What would you do if your organization had an incident highlighted by the news outlets? 

If you're intrigued by the notion of having more resources to protect your organization, your staff, and your children or vulnerable adults from an incident of abuse, come to our complimentary session at Armature Works on October 18th from 9am - noon.

This session will focus on improving your strategies to combat this risk and identifying to what extent your risks might be. 

Praesidium's CEO, Aaron Lundberg will be sharing:

  1. Legal exposures and industry standards

  2. Creating company-wide policies to ensure programs exceed industry standards

  3. Best practice standards in the areas of human resources, training and responding to incidents

  4. Seven characteristics of organizations that maintain a culture of safety

  5. Protecting your organization’s reputation through swift and compassionate response

  6. The Board of Directors role and responsibilities related to abuse prevention

Come to the session to compare your current operations to other organizations in your area, meet with other leaders and discuss how to build a culture of safety at your organization.


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Presented by:
Aaron lundberg
CEO, Praesidium


armature works
Rooftop 220

220 W 7th Ave,
Tampa, FL 33602


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