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All of our team members have the desire to be great, make a difference, and connect with the purpose of putting others first.

Private Client Services

Coverage on the Move

Our Private Client Team bring vast experience and resources allowing us to create customized coverage solutions for you.

On the Road

Insure all your vehicles, including collector cars, on one policy at an affordable rate.

  • Look beyond the premium. Automobile insurance is viewed as a commodity, yet there are significant variations in coverage breadth and service quality across the industry
  • Many insurers settle total losses based on the actual cash value at the time of loss; your reimbursement could be subject to significant depreciation. When you choose a policy with agreed value provisions, the coverage amount determined at the onset of the policy is locked in for the policy term

On the Water

Get comprehensive insurance for super yachts, small boats and everything in between.

  • Insurance needs vary considerably across different types of vessels. A mega yacht with worldwide navigational capabilities should not be addressed in the same way as a family cruiser
  • Crew injuries are common causes of yacht insurance claims, while the most severe losses are due to fire

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