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When you buy a home, you’re going to invest a lot of money into your future. Your home is likely one of the most expensive assets that you will ever own. Therefore, you want to protect your home as best you can.

Home insurance is a necessary part of any homeowner’s budget. At Bouchard Insurance, we understand your need for affordable, comprehensive home insurance. Let one of our experienced agents help you find the policy that best fits your needs.

How Homeowners Insurance Works

The goal of homeowners’ insurance is to help you afford any losses you may experience in your home. Home insurance can protect risks posed to the home, your possessions, and to others who visit your home.

Structure Coverage: Most home insurance policies include this coverage. It will help you afford repairs to the home in case a peril, named in your policy, damages the home. A covered peril might include theft, fire and weather damages. Structure coverage can protect more than just your house. It can also cover your outbuildings, and other structures within the property boundaries.

Liability Coverage: If a friend or relative gets hurt in your home, they might turn to you to help compensate them for any medical bills or lost work income. Liability coverage can help you provide the funds that person needs. It can also help you with legal costs in case there is property damage or someone sustains an injury in your home.

Personal Property Coverage: Your home will most likely hold everything you own. Home insurance gives you a chance to name the value of your personal property. Your insurance can then often provide some level of compensation in case your personal property suffers damages or losses.

The agents at Bouchard Insurance can tailor a policy to meet the specifications of your home. We can adjust coverage levels to include most your private property. Additionally, we can usually add some level of extra coverage to your policy. That way, you can better protect your assets in the event of extreme losses.

Why Choose Bouchard Insurance?

Bouchard Insurance wants to help you choose the home insurance that is best for your property. We take pride in our customer-centered approach to insurance. We want to build insurance solutions using a client-first approach. From the time you first talk to an agent to the time you have your new policy, we will guide you through the buying process.

As an independent agency, we can compare insurance policies from multiple insurance companies, including Homeowners Choice. That way, we will get you the lowest price for coverage that meets your unique needs.

Our company has been in the insurance business in Florida for decades. We understand the unique risks and insurance requirements facing Florida residents. Whether you live in the Orlando area or Fort Myers, we can help you get the home insurance you need.

Get Started With Us Today

Our agents can get you the appropriate amount of coverage fast. That way, you won’t have to worry about being without insurance.

If you’re ready to look for home insurance, then our team is ready to help. Fill out one of our fast, free online quote forms now to start the process. You can also call us at 800.966.6481 for more information.


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