Joined Our Team in 1985

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled? 

That’s a tough one. My first favorite place is Bora Bora. That destination is defined as relaxing at its finest. My second favorite place is Italy, specifically enjoying the gondolas in Venice. 

What is the best moment of your professional life? 

I’ve had many that span over 3 decades in the insurance industry.  One of the best was joining my partners to lead Bouchard Insurance. 

Which actress would you like to meet? 

Jennifer Aniston.  She’s a class act.

What was your childhood nickname?

Simply “I”. 

Name something on your bucket list.

Travel to Australia.

Cats or Dogs?

I like both but am partial to cats. I own two Ragdolls named Maggie & Molly. 

Can you play any instruments? 

Does tapping on a pen or pencil count?

Choose a movie title for the story of your life.

“A Blessed Life”.

Who inspires you?

My father in law whom I proudly call Dad. He was my mentor and provided me the skills to promote my love for servicing clients. 

What is your favorite sport? 

Running. Have you heard about our Bouchard BFIT team?

What is your favorite meal? 

Rigatoni Vodka

What is most treasured in your life?

My husband and my two beautiful daughters.