Hospitality Industry

giving you a level of comfort

Our dedicated Hospitality Team has a detailed understanding of the unique exposures facing the hospitality industry. These exposures are revealed through our detailed risk management process. This gives you a level of comfort allowing you more time to cater to your guests.

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Our Hospitality Team has an extensive background in the following hospitality related industries:

  • Country Clubs
  • Yacht Clubs
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Resort Properties
  • Restaurants
  • Bars / Pubs

Bouchard Insurance’s hospitality clients receive the following benefits:

  • Professional risk management and exposure analysis
  • Evaluation of current insurance program’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Design and implementation of customized risk management plan
  • Customized, industry specific safety manuals and disaster plans
  • Claims management using our exclusive CompPro System
  • Targeted loss control and safety services
  • Customized education and training (including CE credits)
  • OSHA education, reporting, and training
  • Customized training & education by SPHR certified Human Resource Specialists
  • Access to leading hospitality insurance providers and specialty programs