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Employee Benefits

We are fresh and proud of it

We take a fresh approach to the management of employee benefits. The traditional approach is flawed because it focuses only on cost. We have created a process designed to balance all perspectives of the program; employer, cost and employee.

Focused On Your Employees

Our dedicated team helps your employees navigate through the complicated world of today's healthcare. Our team works with your staff with enrollment, wellness engineering and employee advocacy to deliver an experience that exceeds your employees' expectations.

  • Developing your benefit booklets
  • Conducting open enrollment meetings
Wellness Engineering
  • Coordinating individual Health Risk Assessment (HRA with biometric screenings)
  • Creating health promotion and behavior change incentives
  • Coordinating consistent education programs/sessions and/or subsequent screening activities
  • Providing assistance in identifying outside wellness resources
  • Coordinating a yearly health fair
Employee Advocacy
  • Helping your employees make informed decisions about health care spending
  • Explaining the codes on a confusing medical bill
  • Researching the cost before a planned procedure

Focused On Your HR Staff

Human Resources is continuously changing. It’s a lot for your HR staff to handle on a day-to-day basis. Our in-house HR Services team works with your staff right from the beginning, smoothing out the edges and streamlining their workday. Organizing, supporting and helping to maximize their effectiveness.

Our team provides the following support:
  • HR practices, Policies, Procedures and Employee Relations Support
  • Compliance & Legislative Updates
  • Employee Handbook
  • On-Site Training
  • Off-Site Education

Focused On You

By utilizing our top-tier company relationships, we design programs that not only meet your financial need, but also aligns and promotes your culture. We deliver plans that provide the most broad coverage at the most affordable cost.

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