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Many of us are going to take to the roads in wintertime. Winter travel has become a part of everyday life for most Americans. Mostly, we are no longer inhibited by many of the poor conditions that develop during winter. Nonetheless, even though modes of travel have changed, winters haven’t. READ MORE >>

Living in Florida, you might assume that we are immune to harsh winters. However, you might be wrong. Many parts of the Sunshine State see their share of undesirable winter conditions. Your home stands to suffer from many common hazards following changes in seasons. Even if the seasonal change is relatively mild, it is still a change. READ MORE >>

  Your business' success is an important part of your financial support and solvency. A good business owner knows how to make money fairly. However, they also knows how to protect the assets they have. The fewer the threats to your business, the better your chances of never having to make a commercial insurance claim. READ MORE >>

A community association is an engaging mix of personal living and socializing. A resident might own their own house or condominium. Still, they might have access to perks like clubhouses, pools and recreational facilities. If you own or manage a community association, you know residents have expectations. READ MORE >>

Moving doesn’t just involve packing up and buying a new home. It also means that you have to transfer many of your legally-owned assets to your new location. Making sure you do so under the law often requires consideration and oversight. Among the assets you often have to transfer to your new home is your vehicle. READ MORE >>

It is rare for businesses in today to not use data networks in some form. They might store client information, financial records or process company plans. The integrity of these networks is imperative to the smooth function of any business. But, there are always threats that could impact the security of your data networks. READ MORE >>

Buying homeowners insurance may intimidate potential policyholders. You may not know what coverage you need, or what items to insure. You may also wonder what exclusions apply to your policy. An insurance agent can often help you compare policy options to get the best coverage. READ MORE >>

It is up to construction businesses to see that they complete their projects. However, they also owe their construction employees a debt to see to their protection.  Construction zones come with considerable risks. Injuries, property damage and other issues may affect workers. READ MORE >>

It may be summer in Florida, but blue skies are not guaranteed. Seasonal changes usually mean that we can’t always live up to the title of the sunshine state. Even in Florida, the approach of fall and winter can bring dropping temperatures and an increase in inclement weather. READ MORE >>

Car accidents are scary situations, especially when they involve passengers or other drivers. They could result in injuries, property damage and a lot of stress. Your car insurance can be a resource following a car accident. It might help you repair damage, settle lawsuits and compensate others involved. READ MORE >>

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