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Welcome to 2018! There’s a lot going on this year, and you want to make it a success. So, you’ve probably set a priority to get your affairs in good working order. One part of your life that you cannot neglect this year is your home’s maintenance. Think about it. Owning a home is expensive. READ MORE >>

Living in Florida, you might assume that we are immune to harsh winters. However, you might be wrong. Many parts of the Sunshine State see their share of undesirable winter conditions. Your home stands to suffer from many common hazards following changes in seasons. Even if the seasonal change is relatively mild, it is still a change. READ MORE >>

Buying homeowners insurance may intimidate potential policyholders. You may not know what coverage you need, or what items to insure. You may also wonder what exclusions apply to your policy. An insurance agent can often help you compare policy options to get the best coverage. READ MORE >>

It may be summer in Florida, but blue skies are not guaranteed. Seasonal changes usually mean that we can’t always live up to the title of the sunshine state. Even in Florida, the approach of fall and winter can bring dropping temperatures and an increase in inclement weather. READ MORE >>

It's severe storm season in Florida. With any storm, there comes the possibility of wind damages. High winds are often hard to predict, and it is even harder to pre-determine how this wind will affect your home. Get tips for how to reinforce your home. READ MORE >>

The kitchen is a gathering place for your family, and the source of delicious creations. However, a kitchen is one of your home’s most vulnerable areas. A good chef understands a kitchen comes with safety risks, including the risks of fires. READ MORE >>

Spring and early summer are a high time for changing weather currents. Changing seasons often result in severe weather. A responsible homeowner knows that it is always a good idea to prepare for the chance of severe weather. Most instances of severe weather strike with relatively little warning. READ MORE >>

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