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Car accidents are scary situations, especially when they involve passengers or other drivers. They could result in injuries, property damage and a lot of stress. Your car insurance can be a resource following a car accident. It might help you repair damage, settle lawsuits and compensate others involved. READ MORE >>

Running a business requires oversight because of your responsibility towards your customers. In the hospitality business, this responsibility becomes even more compounded. The hospitality industry caters to many personal needs of customers. Therefore, risks are often high. READ MORE >>

Florida is known for its hot summers. To many, that would seem like an understatement. Most of us know that during the summer, we should take extra steps to protect ourselves from the sun. Just like you must don hats, glasses and sunscreen, other parts of your life need protection from the hot weather as well. READ MORE >>

It's severe storm season in Florida. With any storm, there comes the possibility of wind damages. High winds are often hard to predict, and it is even harder to pre-determine how this wind will affect your home. Get tips for how to reinforce your home. READ MORE >>

The agriculture industry is very diverse. It may ranges from livestock processing to grain storage and pesticide distribution. Because agriculture is such a broad industry, insurance risks vary across that spectrum. Each unique agricultural business faces its own liabilities. READ MORE >>

No business is without its risks. Responsible owners must create safe environments for employees and visitors. A safe business environment reduces the risks an operation poses to its insurers. By reducing risks, companies can cut the chances that they will suffer from financial loss following a liability claim. READ MORE >>

A great way businesses keep employees is by creating an environment that protects them. Incentivizing your employees’ well-being is a proper safeguard to both their own satisfaction and your liabilities as a company. Proper employee benefits can protect workers both on the job, and in their private lives. READ MORE >>

When buying insurance, you want to do everything you can to reduce your bills. We all have to make our budgets affordable. Paying too much for our insurance can quickly drain our finances. Most households need multiple insurance policies. Therefore, it is important to always make sure you can afford coverage. READ MORE >>

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