Three Different People, Three Great Hires

Finding a job is hard enough, but choosing a career can be daunting.  At Bouchard Insurance, we help people with both through our unique service training program referred to as SST.  Many of us who got into the insurance industry a while ago started in one department and built a career there; never getting to experience all the different facets of an agency.  Today, we have changed all that by providing opportunities to explore multiple careers under one roof.

We knew there were many ideal candidates - they just needed insurance knowledge.  So, we hire people like Cameron, Erinn, and Michelle.  Their backgrounds couldn’t be any more different.

cameron nichols.JPG

Cameron was a brand-new college graduate.  His cousin worked at Bouchard, but he didn’t really know much about the industry.  He joined SST and spent time looking at all the departments and what they did and felt that Group Benefits would be a good fit. It suited his analytical nature and his interest in being part of a smaller team.  The role of Benefits Customer Service Representative met his criteria and today his job has expanded to include working directly with clients on a specific software program we provide.

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Erinn worked as a hairstylist and is a true “people person.”  Lively, outgoing, and committed to helping people, Erinn knew early on that working in personal lines was her best fit.  It gave her the opportunity to work with multiple clients throughout the day, typically over the phone or in person.  She took a position with our personal lines team as an Account Manager.  Here she gets to help clients all day long and gives them that Client First experience that is the foundation of who we are as an agency.

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Michelle worked in the retail industry for four years before a colleague suggested she apply at Bouchard.  She was hired for SST at one of our branch offices, also acting as receptionist.  Michelle worked in both personal lines and commercial lines support before deciding that commercial lines was the direction she wanted to go.  After about 15 months, she was hired as a Customer Service Representative in our large commercial department where she supports an Account Manager.

Three different people, three different choices, three great hires! 

About the Author

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Jennifer Wold is the Manager of Corporate Support Services (SST).  Jennifer and her team train and develop those new to insurance to fill future service team roles. | Connect on LinkedIn