American Heart Association Recognizes Bouchard Insurance for Workplace Health Achievement

Last week the American Heart Association announced the National 2018 Workplace Health Achievement Index. Bouchard Insurance is proud to have met the criteria for Gold level recognition for taking significant steps to build a culture of health in the workplace.


Over 1,000 companies completed the Index assessment this year and 75% of those received either Gold, Silver, or Bronze recognition. This program allows companies to measure the effectiveness of their workplace health programs as well as the overall heart health of their employees. The American Heart Association has defined best practices for employers to use to build a culture of health for their employees, and the Workplace Health Achievement Index measures the extent to which the company has implemented those health best practices. Companies recognized at the Gold level achieved an Index score of 175 - 217 out of a maximum 217 points.

We believe that investing in our employees’ health pays off.  When an employee’s health improves, this lowers health costs for both the employee and the employer. A direct result of a healthier workforce is enhanced productivity and employee retention, not to mention, a culture of wellness allows for better teamwork and overall morale. 


All of this equates to increased profitability and a happier staff!  Running a healthy business means helping empower employees to make lasting, noticeable changes in their health and well-being.

We have worked hard to establish a true culture of wellness with engaged employees here at Bouchard. We post “Stall Street Journal” communication pieces on the inside of the bathroom stalls. Talk about having a captive audience! We change them out weekly, and try to keep the messages short but relatable. We have hosted infused water bars to promote hydration and hold an annual Office Olympics event. Our active wellness team stays busy coming up with fun, fresh ideas.

We are very proud to be listed as one of 21 companies nationwide in our size who met the criteria for Gold level recognition. Visit the American Heart Association website to view the full list.

About the Author

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Beth Patterson is the Agency Coordinator for Human Resources at Bouchard Insurance.  Beth and the HR team have been a critical part of the wellness strategies we have implemented internally and believe it makes us a better employer and partner in the communities we serve. | Connect on LinkedIn