B Steppin' Step Challenge

Each day we take thousands of steps to get where we need to go. Employees at Bouchard Insurance took steps toward a healthier workplace with a step challenge which launched on National Walking Day – April 4, 2018. We had 87 employees participate in a 15-day step challenge, collectively walking 8,861,176 steps! Users tracked their activity through Go365, a wellness program affiliated with Humana.

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We strive to create a culture of health at Bouchard and quarterly step challenges is one of the ways employees get excited about improving their well-being. Employees use a variety of ways to get their steps in at the office. The popular ways are taking walking meetings, using the restroom and/or break room on the opposite side of the building, walking to lunch, participating in an exercise class during lunch, and stretching while on conference calls.


There is always a way to squeeze in the recommended 10,000 steps daily, you just need to find what works best with your schedule and lifestyle.

We challenge you to get heart healthy and fit in 2018!

About the Author

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Taylor Devine is the Talent Coordinator for Bouchard Insurance. Taylor coordinates wellness initiatives within the HR Department. | Connect on LinkedIn