Four Ways to Care for your Holiday Bling

You’ve been preparing all year for the holiday festivities. You’ve bought your perfect dress to match your perfect shoes. You’ve somehow even convinced your husband to agree to wearing that suit that he just hates, but looks so good wearing and conveniently matches your outfit perfectly! The thought of wearing your grandmother’s heirloom bracelet is the highlight of the night!

After having an absolute amazing evening, you look down and notice that your gorgeous bracelet has fallen off your wrist. Where did it go? Your mind goes a million miles an hour retracing your steps. You look down and THANKFULLY it’s laying at your feet. After catching your breath, you realize that you avoided a close call this time, but next time you may not be as lucky!

Check out four easy steps to make sure your jewelry stays as protected as possible. 

Don’t wear your jewelry all the time.

Jewelry is delicate and should be removed when you’re swimming, cleaning around your home, gardening, working out, playing sports, and other activities that could harm your jewelry by causing damage.

Check your items regularly.

Every so often you should check your jewelry out to see if the stones are loose or if the prongs have shifted. Is the clasp secure? Is there dirt or has it tarnished? You should also have them looked at by a professional at least once a year.

Updating your appraisals every five years.

The value of metals and stones will change and getting an updated appraisal makes sure that the value is close and properly covered. And don’t forget to update your Bouchard agent of these changes.

Insure your jewelry!

Most people aren’t aware how limited standard home policies can be with jewelry and other fine arts, until they’ve lost an item. Most home insurance carriers place a limit of coverage, which can range between $500-$2,500 in coverage. For a fairly inexpensive price, you can insure your items on a per item or blanket option. Most jewelry insurance will cover you anywhere in the world if the jewelry is lost, stolen, a stone falls out, and for many other possible risks.

Bonus Holiday Tip: Did you know that vodka can make a great jewelry cleaner, when you’re in a pinch? Break out the vodka cocktails… you’ve got jewelry to clean!

As always, speak with your Bouchard agent for questions about coverage options and adding your jewelry to your policies. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Be sure to bring out your finest jewelry and dance the night away! It is the most wonderful time of the year, after all!


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Christin Snow is a Personal Lines Account Manager at Bouchard Insurance. Christin is experienced in all lines of personal insurance. | Connect on LinkedIn

The Holidays & Homeowners Liability

“250 strands of lights, 100 individual bulbs per strand, for a grand total of 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights.  I dedicate this house to the Griswold family Christmas.” - Clark Griswold

Christmas is around the corner and you are not about to let Tom next door out-decorate you this year. You have purchased all the latest and greatest lights and blow-up lawn decorations, but now you have family on their way into town and there is last minute present shopping to be done. How are you going to get these decorations up in time? There are many companies, handymen, and helpful neighbors that can help you reach your Christmas decoration goals.  But before you hire someone to deck your halls with boughs of holly, are you covered if they go for a sleigh ride off the ladder or the roof?

When hiring a professional to do any work around your property, you want to confirm that they carry their own insurance. If you hire an uninsured company or handyman you may be completely liable for any property damage or personal injury. In this case, your homeowners personal liability and medical payments coverage will come into play. You may also be held liable for any usage of your own equipment by a hired professional, such as a ladder, or for any injury caused by an accident or defect in that equipment.

All homeowners and renter’s policies offer personal liability and medical payments coverage.  Personal liability coverage is issued at a minimum of $100,000. It is recommended that you carry at least $300,000 or $500,000 if the carrier offers those limits. The personal liability portion of your homeowner’s policy provides protection for accidents you are liable for that occur on your property and result in bodily injury or property damage to others. 

The personal liability works alongside of the medical payments to others coverage. Medical payments coverage is there to help pay for reasonable and necessary medical expenses of non-residents who are accidentally injured on your property, up to the coverage limit. Your personal liability coverage would be there for claims of negligence that caused an injury or a lawsuit filed due to an incident. 

Do not hesitate to contact our office to confirm that you have adequate coverage. Remember, don’t let Cheryl’s new she-shed be the talk of the neighborhood.


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Raymond Killian is a Personal Lines Account Manager at Bouchard Insurance. Raymond is experienced in all lines of personal insurance.

Protect Yourself When You Travel

When you travel, things don’t always go as planned.  Sudden illnesses, accidents, and other emergencies are inevitable in life whether we like it or not.  While planning a vacation, the last thing you want to think about is something going wrong. Even the most minor situations can become more stressful while you are traveling and are away from the comfort of your everyday surroundings.

Travel protection allows you to travel confidently, knowing you have a plan in place to address life’s “what if” moments. There are numerous options for travel protection that will offer you coverage worldwide. It’s important to evaluate how often you travel, the types of destinations you are visiting, the length of your stays, and the activities you have planned when deciding if travel insurance is the right choice for you and your family.

Flight interruptions or delays, missed connecting flights, delayed baggage, and lost, stolen, or damaged personal items are extremely inconvenient.  Travel protection reimburses these unfortunate costs back to you. Many stressors on vacation are due to travel inconveniences and a travel insurance policy will allow you to fly the friendly skies with ease.

One of the worst things that could happen on a vacation is that someone in your party gets sick or sustains an injury. If you become injured or have a medical emergency, the cost of treatment could be covered under a travel protection plan. This may include travel expenses to get back home if necessary.

While there are many parts to your vacation, having a travel insurance policy helps put your mind at ease because you know that you are covered no matter where you are. Be sure to speak with your agent to make sure you’re covered anywhere in the world.  At the end of the day, you need to surround yourself with confidence in the level of your protection wherever your travels take you.


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Abbey Bouchard, a Client Advisor in the Private Client division of Bouchard, specializes in high net worth personal insurance that focuses on affluent individuals with more complex insurance portfolios and exposures. As a third generation Bouchard working for Bouchard Insurance, Abbey’s purpose is to continually better serve the affluent client base by promoting exemplary service and always putting the client first. | Connect on LinkedIn

Be Involved + RiSE Awards

The philanthropic spirit of Bouchard Insurance started with our founder, Roger Bouchard, more than 70 years ago. His giving nature has been passed down through our company’s growth and leadership changes and has become ingrained in our company culture.  

We recognize that we are more than just a business, we are part of a community. We planted roots in the Tampa Bay community when we were founded and feel fortunate to be able to give back to it throughout the year.

 Be Involved team at a Adopt-a-Highway cleanup in Clearwater

Be Involved team at a Adopt-a-Highway cleanup in Clearwater

Our reach in the community is both on an individual level and through corporate-wide initiatives. We have examples of philanthropic leadership throughout our company including many who serve on boards for organizations such as Paint Your Heart Out Clearwater, Eckerd, Pinellas Education Foundation, The Arc, Homeless Empowerment Program, and Gracepoint Foundation.

Our Be Involved committee coordinates activities with local community organizations throughout the year and each employee is given one PTO day per year to use at a volunteer opportunity of their choice. Some of the group organizations we support are Adopt-a-Highway, Clothes to Kids, Paint Your Heart Out Clearwater, The Arc of Tampa Bay, Eckerd, Tampa Bay Watch, Metropolitan Ministries, and Habitat for Humanity. We hold our annual Bouchard Insurance 5K which benefits the Gramatica Family Foundation. Last year our event raised $20,000 toward their mission to build mortgage-free homes for combat wounded veterans in the Tampa Bay area.

We were honored to be recognized as a nominee for Commitment to the Community at the 1st Annual Tampa Bay RiSE Awards. The Rise Awards Breakfast was held on November 8th at the new James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art in Downtown St. Petersburg. Proceeds from the event benefited student scholarships at LiFT Academy, an organization which serves children and young adults with neurodiversities, including autism, intellectual disabilities, developmental delays, ADD/ADHD and other learning differences.

 Rise Award Nominees at The James Museum in St. Petersburg

Rise Award Nominees at The James Museum in St. Petersburg

It was a beautiful and moving breakfast that featured Keynote Speaker Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Medical Director of the Simulation Center at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital and star of TLC’s The Little Couple. Several of the students directly impacted by LiFT Student Scholarships also gave moving speeches on the impact the organization has made in their life.

We were humbled to receive the award for Commitment in the Large Company category.

 2018 RiSE Awards winners

2018 RiSE Awards winners

Thank you to the RiSE Awards and LiFT Organizations for all you are doing for our communities, we are honored to be among those you recognized and will continue to live up to this recognition.

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Kelly Newton is the Vice President of Human Resources at Bouchard Insurance. With 20 years of experience she considers herself lucky to be leading the coolest HR team out there. | Connect on LinkedIn

Staying Safe on Black Friday

With Halloween behind us, it’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving. While we make plans for Thanksgiving with our family, many of us are also making shopping plans for Black Friday. Black Friday is one of the largest shopping days of the year.  It seems that more stores are opening earlier each year; some even open their doors to the crowds on Thanksgiving. 

The day after Thanksgiving used to be the day my mom and I would wake up before the sun came out, grab tea or coffee, and head out to join the madness at our favorite stores.  At that time, it was so exciting to be one of the first people to get to the store and get our hands on the best deals for the holidays. In recent years, the scene has changed!  Black Friday deals are bringing out larger crowds than ever, which means higher risk of accidents, injuries, and theft.  I still love a good Black Friday shopping trip, but I live by the following tips and tricks to make sure that I make the most out of the madness that has become Black Friday Shopping.

black friday

Research deals ahead of time

The less time you spend on the roads and in the stores the less of a chance you have of getting into an unfavorable situation, like a car accident. Black Friday ads are usually posted on each stores website. It’s helpful to research and narrow down the number of stores you visit.  You can also visit the store of your choice a few days ahead of time and map out where their items are shelved. This can make your shopping more efficient and helps you avoid confusion in large crowds.

Leave kids at home

Taking kids shopping with you not only slows you down but also puts you at risk. Most kids don’t like going shopping, but if you find yourself having to take your little ones with you during this busy shopping season, make sure to be cautious of your surroundings.  Parents with kids spend more time loading their car which makes them an easier target for someone to grab items out of their cart or trunk while they attend to their kids.  

Parked vehicles

Try to find a parking space close to the store so you are in view of others and in better range of parking lot cameras. If it’s dark outside park near a light as thieves are less likely to break into vehicles that are in spotlights. Put shopping bags in the trunk or in areas of the car that are not visible to avoid theft. 

Keep your purse and wallets secure

Wear a cross-body bag to avoid leaving your purse unattended as you are shopping. Wallets shouldn’t be kept in back pockets as it will make it easier for someone to grab it.

Use one credit card for all purchases

Keep only one credit card on you just in case your wallet or purse is stolen. This way you only have to cancel one card if needed.

Wishing you a happy shopping season! As always, don’t forget to reach out to your personal lines agent to insure those valuable articles that you acquire during the holidays!


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Pardis Garzon is a Personal Lines Account Manager at Bouchard Insurance. Pardis is experienced in all lines of personal insurance. | Connect on LinkedIn