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“Protect Your Every Day” is no longer just a slogan. It’s turning into a way of life now, not by choice mind you, but rather by necessity. I learned many years ago that it’s a waste of time to worry about, or fixate on things over which I have no control.  I need to spend time on understanding how certain events potentially affect or impact me and my family, what parts I may have some control over, and then determine what I need to do to protect us from any harm.


“If You See Something, Say Something” is built on a foundation of educating ourselves to recognize and report suspicious activity or behaviors that look out-of-place within our current environment.

Suspicious activity can consist of suspicious behavior or a suspicious situation. Examples of suspicious activity would include:

  • Seeing an unattended backpack in a densely-populated common area or public place
  • Seeing a person attempt to break into a secure or restricted area
  • Recognizing a behavior that a person may find indicative of criminal activity or terrorism.
  • Noticing unusual items or situations like a vehicle in a place where vehicles don’t normally belong, an unattended package in an abnormal location, windows/doors are open but should be (or are normally) locked.
  • Having someone ask you a lot of questions about your building, such as” What do you do in there? What time do you all leave? Do you have security? What kind?”  Or, noticing a person taking a lot of pictures from different angles may warrant having law enforcement check them out.

In the next post, I’ll share more easy-to-remember tips and indicators of suspicious activities that may warrant you making a call.

Until then… B-Aware! B-Safe!

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Jim Raley is a Loss Control Consultant at Bouchard Insurance. Jim specializes in helping clients reduce loss exposures by evaluating their safety management systems, conducting research, data analysis, and providing guidance intended to improve their risk profile. | Connect on LinkedIn

Hurricane Deductibles - Know Your Options

In 2017, there were 6 major hurricanes, including two Category 4 and two Category 5’s in the Atlantic. Irma packed winds of over 130 miles per hour as it hit Florida. In 2016, Florida was spared the worst of Hurricane Matthew, but definitely saw the devastation it created.

Hurricane activity in 2018 is expected to be above normal. Are you ready?

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Now is the time to review your property policy, be aware of the limitations it contains, and understand how your Hurricane Deductible is calculated. Hurricane Deductibles are typically a percentage (usually 2-5%) of the amount of dwelling coverage you have. For example, a home insured for $300,000 with a 2% hurricane deductible would cost the homeowner $6,000 before coverage kicks in. However, new options and new policies have hit the Florida market to provide relief from these high deductibles.

“Flat” Deductibles

Several companies are now offering a “flat” dollar amount for the Hurricane Deductible with some as low as $500. Surprisingly, the premiums for these lower deductibles are not as substantial as you would think. The catch; however, is, that in most cases, deductibles can only be decreased on the policy’s renewal date. 


A CAT4Home deductible buyback policy can pay up to 100% of losses covered within your deductible. These polices are based on the location of your home, as well as the home’s age and construction features.    


A StormPeace policy will provide you with money right away to get back on your feet.  Aside from the hurricane deductible, coverage is provided for things like evacuation expenses, damage to landscaping, pool cages, debris removal, food spoilage, and other losses not covered by your homeowner’s policy. The claim payout is based on the intensity and proximity of the hurricane to your home.

We are here to help! Please contact us today at 844-848-9373 or email to discuss which option may be best for you.

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Kristie Pauly is the Vice President of Personal Lines at Bouchard Insurance. Kristie's team focuses on protecting individual's assets through all lines of personal insurance. | Connect on LinkedIn

Introducing "See Something, Say Something"

Since September 11th, 2001, it has become quite clear in my mind we can no longer take the safety of our country, families, or ourselves against violent attack for granted. I can’t say I remember a day since 9/11 when I have not seen, or heard of a malicious or deadly attack against a group of people, a school, first responder, concert goers… the list goes on. Many of you will probably agree with me.

Bouchard Insurance has a long-standing reputation for caring. We care about our clients, our employees, and the communities we serve. It also includes caring about their level of safety against violent attacks.

For this and other reasons, Bouchard Insurance is partnering with the US Department of Homeland Security, Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies to promote “See Something, Say Something”.


This is an initiative that encourages individuals across the US to raise the bar on community safety & security to the next level by being the eyes and ears of those whose mission is to ensure we all have a safe place to live, work, and play.

So what does it mean to you? It means ‘we’ (i.e., you, me, our families, friends, neighbors, co-workers and anyone who loves their freedom), must pay closer attention to what’s going on around us and respond appropriately to ‘something’ we ‘see’ and reasonably believe could severely injure or kill us.

We know it's difficult to "See Something, Saying Something" effectively unless you’ve been trained on what to do. That’s why over the next several months, we’ll provide you information, videos, and other ‘how-to’ instructions that will make the campaign a success and enhance your situational awareness to better protect everyone you care about. 

Let’s start with something simple, but very important. Commit this phone number to memory:



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Jim Raley is a Loss Control Consultant at Bouchard Insurance. Jim specializes in helping clients reduce loss exposures by evaluating their safety management systems, conducting research, data analysis, and providing guidance intended to improve their risk profile. | Connect on LinkedIn

Bouchard Named Vault Top 5 Rockstar Agency

Bouchard’s Private Client team was recognized by Vault Insurance as a “TOP 5 ROCKSTAR AGENCY” at an event on May 24, 2018.  The private event was held at the Chihuly Museum in downtown St. Petersburg. 


Pictured is Private Client Advisor, Lisa Rice with Vault Concierge Specialist, Lee Anderson, and Private Client VP, Karen Reyes. Similarly, Vault and Bouchard both have the reputation of providing concierge-level service to their clients. Lee Anderson exudes the Vault reputation of redefining the future of personal insurance. 

Vault Insurance released a simple, but ambitious mission statement last year: build a company, culture and philosophy that puts client needs at the center of everything they do. With over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, Lisa Rice has a similar mission statement.  Drawing on her expertise and passion to see clients insured properly, Lisa led the Bouchard team in new business placed with Vault.

Bouchard Insurance is listed among the Top 50 Personal Lines Agencies in the US and has been writing policies since 1948. Our Private Client team works exclusively with successful individuals and families to insure their passions.

Recently founded by a former top executive of AIG who wanted to start something new and fresh in the market, Vault is the first insurance company ever to be AM Best Rated prior to writing their first policy.

Together, this partnership blends tradition and expertise with fresh, thoughtful, and dynamic thinking. As Vault continues to expand into other states, we look forward to a growing partnership well into the future. 

Learn more about Bouchard Private Client here.

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Lisa Rice is an Advisor in the Private Client division of Bouchard. Lisa specializes in high net worth personal insurance that focuses on successful individuals with more complex insurance portfolios and exposures in all 50 states.  | Connect on LinkedIn

EPLI & The #MeToo Movement

It seems like we can’t turn on the television lately without hearing about a sexual misconduct claim. The #MeToo movement has sparked a downpour of individuals coming forward with accusations of sexual misconduct in the workplace. As this fire is continually fueled, so is the need for business owners to address the possibility that this may affect their organization.

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance provides protection against claims arising from harassment, discrimination, wrongful hiring and firing, and other employment-related issues. While it is easy to assume that would never happen to one’s business, claims do not have to be factual to draw up hefty expenses. Think of EPLI as prepaid defense costs.

Between 2010 and 2017 alone there were over 200 thousand sexual harassment charges filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as stated by Verisk.

According to Trusted Choice, within the past 2 decades, employee-filed lawsuits overall have risen roughly 400%. Disturbingly, statistics also show you are more likely to be sued by an employee than have a fire at your business.

It’s not just the large organizations of the world being impacted by these claims. According to Trusted Choice, over 40% of employee-filed lawsuits are brought against private companies with fewer than 100 employees.

EPLI extends beyond these accusations. It offers protection for a variety of suits including statute violations, wage and hour violations, wrongful denial of workers’ compensation, false positives from drug tests, libel, slander, breach of contract, fostering a hostile environment, emotional distress, and much more.

To learn how to best protect yourself and your business, contact one of our agents.

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Madison Lieffort is a Sales Executive at Bouchard Insurance. Madison specializes in Property & Casualty, Workers’ Compensation, and Health Benefits for large commercial accounts. | Connect on LinkedIn