About Us

One Team, One Purpose

“Having someone to look out for your best interest is beyond comforting. It provides confidence to achieve greatness. At Bouchard Insurance, Client First is more than a statement, it is our purpose. We know that putting the needs of others ahead of our own will provide support and security that will allow them to focus on what matters in their lives.”

-Doug Bishop, CEO

Client First Means We Care

We care about our team.
Over 200 families rely on this organization to provide support and development. We don’t take that lightly. All of our team members have the desire to be great, the autonomy to make a difference, and connect with the purpose of putting others first. How could you not care about a team like that! Want to be part of our team? Check out the careers section to learn more about opportunities.

We care about our clients. Client First is a rally cry around our organization. We move mountains for the clients that rely on us and they love us for it. From our specialized industries to our dedicated services, we make it our business to know their business. Our goal is to make a difference for our clients, and we have been meeting that goal since 1948.

We care about our communities. Giving back is not just a good idea, it has become a habit of ours. Need a house painted, no problem. Running a 5K charity event, we are in. How about supporting the future through mentoring and working with today’s children? Sign us up! Check out our community commitment section to see how Bouchard gives back.

Always Striving, Never Satisfied

Over the past six years, Bouchard Insurance has been privileged to be recognized and honored by some of the most admired organizations in the insurance industry and business community.

Strong Foundation...Built With Innovation

Founded in 1948 by Roger Bouchard, Bouchard Insurance has seen tremendous growth. Our focus has always remained strong in three areas; the needs of our employees, clients and communities.


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